Quantum Breach

Producer: Jake Lizzio, Activ8te
Lyrics: Jake Lizzio, Activ8te
Vocals: Activ8te

Dive into the abyss of techno with “Quantum Breach” by Activ8te®, a globally recognized security mastermind turned music producer. Activ8te mixes relentless techno beats and an audacious hacker ethos to paint a sonic landscape echoing the urgent intensity of cybersecurity. With a cryptic blend of English and German, this track encapsulates a dark and menacing atmosphere resonating with anyone entrenched in the vanguard of technology. Immerse in the pulse, and navigate the enigmatic intersection where code meets rhythm. Welcome to the future of cyber-sound.

We produced this track to premiere at DEF CON 31 where it was part of the extended sound track.


DNS security

Zero day vulnerability

Cyber attack delivery

Hidden through obscurity

Block chain immutability

Quantum singularity

Your systems are now mine

You're running out of time


Die Tastatur is meine Waffe.

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