Cybersecurity meets EDM. We bring together world renown security researchers and musicians across the US to produce music that educates and gets people dancing.

  • Activ8te

    Activ8te is a talented producer of electronic music who combines his love of music with his day job in security and engineering. His tracks, which span a variety of genres, are designed to create an emotional connection with his audience while also educating them about important cybersecurity issues. With a background in preventing Distributed Denial of Service attacks, Activ8te’s tracks often cover topics ranging from nation state adversaries to the loss of privacy in our increasingly technology-dependent world. His recent tracks include “Teardrop Falling,” which deals with censorship and misinformation, “Patch Your Network,” which addresses network attacks by sophisticated adversaries, and “I Am Tracking You,” which focuses on spyware and the loss of privacy. In addition to his work as a producer, Activ8te also plays electric guitar.


    AENDZI is a vocalist, artist, and producer from the US. They enjoy writing and producing tracks of many genres including house, synthpop, and dubstep. They are excited to be a part of this project and have enjoyed learning about cybersecurity through working on these songs.

  • Elie Burzstein

    Elie Bursztein leads Google’s Cybersecurity Research Team, which invents transformative security and anti-abuse solutions that help protect users against online threats. His research focuses on applied cryptography, machine learning for security, protecting at risk users, and web security.

  • Jake Lizzio

    Jake is a talented songwriter and musical instructor with a keen ear for music. He has been writing songs for many years and has gained a reputation for his work. In addition to his songwriting skills, Jake is also a highly skilled and passionate teacher, dedicated to helping others develop their musical abilities. He has shared his knowledge and expertise through high quality YouTube videos and courses offered at Signals Music Studio, where he covers topics such as music theory, songwriting and rhythm. Jake is not only a talented musician but also a gifted guitar player, respected by his peers and loved by his fans.