Electronic Press Kit: All We Do Is Shine (feat. footleg)

Releases to streaming platforms on April 28th, 2023


Activ8te, an electronic music producer for Silicon Valley techies, collaborates with Chicago-based artist and accomplished music-thanatologist, footleg, to create the captivating track “All We Do Is Shine.” This love song showcases a softer, more emotional side of Activ8te, exploring the significance of deep emotional relationships and the powerful bond between two people navigating life’s challenges.

Activ8te Bio

Activ8te is a producer of electronic music for Silicon Valley techies. Originally from Northern Germany, he moved to the US for a PhD in Computer Science and has lived in California for the last twenty years. During the day, Activ8te is a security expert with decades of experience in building security infrastructure that protects against sophisticated adversaries. By night, he produces electronic dance tracks in various styles as a creative outlet and to provide balance in his life.

Inspired by artists such as Tiësto and Zedd, Activ8te combines his passion for music and security expertise into energetic tracks that create an emotional connection with the audience while also aiming to get listeners interested in cybersecurity. He collaborates with world-renowned security researchers and musicians across the US to produce a series of tracks that touch on different security topics.

footleg Bio

footleg is a Chicago-based artist and accomplished music-thanatologist. He holds a degree from Northeastern Illinois University and completed training through the Chalice of Repose project, a program focused on the use of music (on harp and voice) in end-of-life care. With a strong foundation in medicine, the arts, design, religion, philosophy, and psychology, footleg brings a multifaceted approach to his work.

In this collaboration with Activ8te, footleg showcases his vocal approach, utilizing qualities of sustain and pure tone to create a unique sound. His deep understanding of the emotional impact of music is reflected in all his collaborations, which have included projects with a variety of artists and genres. He has worked with singer-songwriters to create intimate, acoustic performances, and has also collaborated with both clinical and cultural musicians to create dynamic musical compositions, ranging from lullabies to protest songs. Regardless of the style or genre, footleg’s sensitivity and experience always shine through in his work.

All We Do Is Shine – Track Information

Activ8te is back with a brand new track titled “All We Do Is Shine.” This love song is a departure from his previous works, showcasing a softer, more emotional side of the producer, reminding the listener that security issues go far beyond the digital; they flow through our relationships, and ultimately stem from each person’s deepest intrapersonal awareness. The track features the talented footleg on vocals, delivering a heartfelt performance that complements Activ8te’s electronic production and electric guitar.

“All We Do Is Shine” delves into the significance of deep emotional relationships, focusing on the powerful bond between two people as they navigate life’s challenges. The track’s lyrics convey a message of strength, resilience, and the transformative power of love. Through Activ8te’s electronic production and guitar, along with footleg’s poignant vocals, the song creates a captivating soundscape that encourages listeners to appreciate the vibrancy within, the value of meaningful connections, and the way both enrich our lives.

By emphasizing the inherent potential that we all carry, Activ8te and footleg aim to inspire listeners to un-hide their light, to let it pour out, and to recognize the incredible strength that can emerge when two people unite in love and understanding.

Lyrics Analysis

In “All We Do Is Shine,” the lyrics delve into love’s transformative power, exploring self-discovery, vulnerability, and the strength found in deep connections. The chorus captures the essence of two souls shining together, creating an unstoppable force capable of overcoming life’s challenges.

Throughout the song, the perspective shifts from the individual to the couple and finally to the collective, emphasizing unity and the importance of acknowledging our present and future agency. Activ8te and footleg’s tale of love and unity resonates profoundly, reminding listeners of the vitality in deep emotional bonds.

Selected Endorsements

“Electronic, this word defines the hit, a feeling of playing a futuristic racing game, where you have to follow colored lines of light, to reach the end, and reach the goal, which is freedom, to be able to breathe at the top of your lungs. […] “Teardrop Falling” is pleasant and lively, a fluid beat that can draw attention to the lyric’s message and still have fun.”Roadie Music

“Deep house sounds and motivational vocals discuss how the Internet is being banned in many nations but, more significantly, how DDoS attacks are also increasingly being used as a method of Internet censorship.”Plastic Magazine

“The track has such a great mix of dubstep and EDM elements, and the female vocals are just incredible. The song builds and builds, with the synths and beats getting more and more intense. By the time the chorus hits, you’re just singing along and dancing your heart out. “I Am Tracking You” is a song that is guaranteed to get you dancing.” – Sinusoidal Music

Artist Quotes

“Working with footleg on ‘All We Do Is Shine’ was inspiring. We aimed to capture the emotional depth of love and unity, blending his vocals with my electric guitar. I’m proud of our collaboration and excited for fans to experience this powerful connection.” – Activ8te

“Activ8te is a master of his craft.  What a pleasure to be in the studio together and watch an idea go from spark to implementation in a timeless blur of creativity.  I’m sure we’ve only scratched the surface of what is possible together.  It turns out to be true – All we do is shine!” -footleg

Spotify Pitch

Discover “All We Do Is Shine” by Activ8te ft. footleg, a duo with a 15-year history of blacksmithing collabs. This love story blends electronic beats, guitars, and heartfelt vocals, perfect for playlists celebrating love & unity. Activ8te, a famous cybersecurity expert, and footleg, a renowned music thanatologist, create a captivating track that resonates with listeners seeking deep connections. Add this heartfelt journey of love and connection to your playlist. Let it enrich your most cherished moments.


Verse 1

Leaving shadows far behind, a new horizon calls,
Venturing beyond the lines, and breaking through the walls,
In motion, like the wind, free as I embark,
On this journey to find love, igniting like a spark.


All we do is shine, brighter than the sun,
Together we align, we’ve only just begun,
All we do is shine, each and every rhyme,
Hearts and souls combine, all we do is shine.

Verse 2

Dive into the depths, where secrets intertwine,
Find the uncharted paths, our hearts we realign,
Chasing our fate, love we redefine,
Tell a tale of passion, all we do is shine.


All we do is shine, brighter than the sun,
Together we align, we’ve only just begun,
All we do is shine, each and every rhyme,
Hearts and souls combine, all we do is shine.


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Producer: Activ8te
Lyrics: Activ8te, footleg
Vocals: footleg

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