NSO Group

NSO Group is a cybersecurity company based in Israel that is developing and selling spyware tools to governments and other organizations around the world. The company’s products, which include the Pegasus spyware platform, have been used to target human rights activists, journalists, and political opponents in a number of countries. NSO Group has faced criticism and controversy for its alleged involvement in the surveillance and targeting of individuals, and has been the subject of legal action and international media attention.

The Pegasus spyware has reportedly been used to target thousands of people and has been used to spy on French President Emmanuel Macron, Dubai’s Princess Latifa, Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, and many other prominent activists, academics, journalists. 

Amnesty International published a detailed forensic analysis of Pegasus which includes many IoCs. Google’s Project Zero also wrote a detailed deep dive on a sophisticated zero click attack against Apple’s iPhone.


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How the Global Spyware Industry Spiraled Out of Control

Human rights activist and close ally of detained Dubai princess had phone hacked by NSO spyware, forensic test finds

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